The Top Home Remedies for Chest Acne

home remedies for acneThe chest is a common location for all types of acne to develop: blackheads, milia, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts can form on the chest.

Not all remedies work for all types of acne (or all types of skin), so it is important to understand what exactly acne is and what will remedy it.

The most common form of chest acne is microcomedones. These are microscopic-sized pores that are clogged with oil and cellular debris (dead skin cells).

Most people don’t notice microcomedones, but they can develop into visible forms of acne if not treated appropriately. As the mildest form of “acne”, microcomedones are the best candidates for home remedy treatments. Simply washing the skin with a mild exfoliant and replenishing moisture is typically all that is needed to get rid of them.

Other types of acne, including the common white head, blackhead, and cystic acne can benefit from simple home remedies. Some home remedies for chest acne can improve the appearance and texture of skin right away, while others take time. The skin’s natural renewal process can take four to six weeks, so some remedies should be given ample time to work.

Cystic acne, severely infected skin pores, may react poorly to some home remedies. This type of acne is caused by the P. acnes bacterium and should be treated by a doctor if symptoms persist or become worse. In individuals with occasional cystic acne and in those who are aware of a specific trigger they intend to prevent in the future (such as laundry detergent), garlic supplements can help the body fight off occasional infection.

At-Home Remedies for Chest Acne

Home remedies that may be found in the average home kitchen include apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and even aspirin. Apple cider vinegar is an effective antiseptic that can be applied directly to chest acne or taken as an oral home remedy to boost the immune system and help fight the p. acnes bacteria.

Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory medicine and reduces the amount of swelling cause by moderate chest acne. It can also help to repair skin damage caused by ruptured acne blemishes.

Many over the counter chest acne treatments contain salicylic acid, a chemical compound that reduces inflammation and kills p. acnes bacteria. Aspirin contains an element with nearly identical chemical makeup, so a ground up aspirin can be used the same. Mix it with water to form a spot treatment paste. (Aspirin can damage skin, which you want to avoid so use sparingly.)

Topical and oral home remedies can help fight off chest acne if given time to work. Some of them (such as those listed above) include items found in the kitchen, while others may require a trip to an organic market or holistic retailer.

Minerals such as guggul, calendula, boswallia, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and lavender are natural antibiotics or antiseptics that can also reduce swelling and inflammation in painful acne. Vitamins, including E, C, and A can do much to improve the condition of your skin. Vitamin A is a very big part of normal skin health, so a deficiency can trigger chest acne or make it worse. 

Home Remedies for Acne