Home Remedies for Forehead Acnes

home remedies for acneForehead acne is a troublesome condition for many people. Luckily, home remedies that work to reduce inflammation, kill off bacteria, and improve the overall resilience of skin can be effective at battling breakouts.

Forehead acne can develop because of a number of triggers, but all of them lead to the same end-result of clogged pores. That’s why the very best home remedy for forehead acne is to prevent is from developing in the first place. If breakouts do occur, home remedies can help get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Forehead acne develops as a result of oil, debris, and cells that get trapped in pores. More oil is pumped into the pore by sebaceous glands and causes the pore to become engorged, allowing no oxygen to get inside – this is great for natural bacteria that don’t like oxygen, but very bad for your complexion and skin health.

The best way to avoid this in the first place is to use a mild cleanser to help the skin shed dead skin cells and to remove excess oils from the skin. Moisturizers that are non-comedogenic can help replace moisture lost by cleansing, but some oil is necessary for skin health.

In the event that prevention doesn’t work (as it sometimes happens), the following home remedies can help treat forehead acne:

Hydrogen peroxide diluted in water and dabbed on with a cotton swab or cotton ball can help dry up white heads in just a few days. Be careful with this home remedy, however. It can also cause significant drying and skin damage if used over long-periods of time. Damaged skin can lead to more acne, so stay on the safe side and use only as necessary for occasional pimples. A less damaging home remedy is lemon, which can be mixed with sugar to create an exfoliating wash. (Just be sure to rinse it off.)

Apple cider vinegar can be used topically (on top of the skin), as well. Many holistic doctors use apple cider vinegar (or just ‘ACV’) as an all around antiseptic for a number of infections. It can also be taken orally to boost the immune system and help heal acne bacterial infections from the inside out.

A number of oils and minerals are good home remedies, too. These include witch hazel, tea tree oil, and boswallia. Be careful with some oils that may burn the skin – always test your sensitivity since the forehead isn’t a place you want damaged or red for too long.

Vitamins are very important to skin health, so taking a supplement can help fight off forehead acne caused by metabolic imbalances. Vitamin A is necessary for skin renewal and people with a Vitamin A deficiency also have forehead acne as well as acne on other parts of the skin. If you don’t get enough vitamins in your diet, consider lifestyle changes that will allow more of them in, including Vitamin C for immune system and Vitamin E for collagen production.  

Home Remedies for Acne